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Frequently Asked Questions

What is deepbrid.com?
deepbrid.com is a free/premium link generator service. This service is made for those who can't pay or be able to pay for a filehosting premium account, therefore, using deepbrid.com you are able to download files like a premium member for free from the different filehosting sites we support. Download is fast and safe!
If you like the experience as a free user, buy a premium account and you will be able to download without limits!

Why is it free?
deepbrid.com wants to make happy the visitors, for this reason a part of our premium service is available for the free users.

How fast can I downoad?
We have a big fleet of strong dedicated servers with 1 Gbps port each one, this makes sure you can download at top speed.

Why sometimes I can't download at top speed?
There are many factors that can cause a slow download speeds, your home connection, the server where the file is stored on the filehosting service is overloaded, peak hours... Normally a slow download is so rare, but if is the case just try to downloand again in a few minutes.

Are files stored on server?
Files are being streamed from the filehosting service and from there, to user, therefore we don't store any files on our servers. So don't try to share direct link anywhere this won't work, since stream is only working for the user IP.

Do you allow the use of a VPN service?
Yes, we do (only for premium members).

Do you offer support for JDownloader 2?
Yes, it is supported.

Is your service legal?
Our service is legal, we do not store files that you download and we do not display links to illegal files. However, we and our host could not be held responsible if you download this type of content through our services.

Account sharing is allowed?
Not. Account sharing is not allowed due to keep the service costs us a lot of money, the account is only allowed to use by the owner of the account. Our system will detect any attempt of fraud and the account will be banned inmediately.